Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Why is it hot?

Those that enjoy chastity enjoy that feeling that comes from being horned up. There is an energy to that sexual feeling that can be very gratifying. I find that I reach my peek of sexual frustration around two weeks and I become more interested in pleasing another man as it builds. There is some sexual release in physical contact and helping someone else get off. My submission comes to a head when I'm on edge. I reached out to Altairboy from Altairboy's Chastity Site, an excellent and comprehensive resource on chastity, for his perspective and he agreed by saying:
"Without a willing partner in the chastity "play" the whole exercise would be sorely lacking.  I mean, honestly, where is  the fun in solo play?"
Those Doms reading this should take note, you can keep a boy locked in chastity much longer if you see him from time to time and require more than simply being locked. There is more responsibility to being a key-holder than simply holding the key. Some people seek out "cyber key-holders," and get their stimulation through web cams or simple lack of access to their "junk," but it's never the same as having a key-holder you see regularly. It's the Dom's job to torment, stimulate, and ramp up the sexual frustration as high as possible. If the Dom allows the locked boy to serve him/her regularly the sky can be the limit. That service doesn't need to be physical.  Making the boy keep himself shaved, cut his hair the way you like, do your laundry, clean your house, watch porn, chat with guys on sex sites, or even requiring him to hook up with no release can all be very exciting. The boy is far less likely to cheat and figure out how to get off while in chastity or remove the device without your permission if he knows that you are part of the process.