Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Why is it hot?

Those that enjoy chastity enjoy that feeling that comes from being horned up. There is an energy to that sexual feeling that can be very gratifying. I find that I reach my peek of sexual frustration around two weeks and I become more interested in pleasing another man as it builds. There is some sexual release in physical contact and helping someone else get off. My submission comes to a head when I'm on edge. I reached out to Altairboy from Altairboy's Chastity Site, an excellent and comprehensive resource on chastity, for his perspective and he agreed by saying:
"Without a willing partner in the chastity "play" the whole exercise would be sorely lacking.  I mean, honestly, where is  the fun in solo play?"
Those Doms reading this should take note, you can keep a boy locked in chastity much longer if you see him from time to time and require more than simply being locked. There is more responsibility to being a key-holder than simply holding the key. Some people seek out "cyber key-holders," and get their stimulation through web cams or simple lack of access to their "junk," but it's never the same as having a key-holder you see regularly. It's the Dom's job to torment, stimulate, and ramp up the sexual frustration as high as possible. If the Dom allows the locked boy to serve him/her regularly the sky can be the limit. That service doesn't need to be physical.  Making the boy keep himself shaved, cut his hair the way you like, do your laundry, clean your house, watch porn, chat with guys on sex sites, or even requiring him to hook up with no release can all be very exciting. The boy is far less likely to cheat and figure out how to get off while in chastity or remove the device without your permission if he knows that you are part of the process.

If you want to go for long term chastity you must keep in mind that occasional prostate milking might be necessary. I'm fortunate in that excess semen comes out when I pee after a while, but the prostate does need to drain itself from time to time. Done correctly, milking isn't the same as an orgasm, everything just kinda globs out. The chastity device doesn't even need to be removed first. This does however temporarily reduce the sexual frustration, which makes building it back up all the better.

Choosing a Device

There are three basic types of chastity devices. All devices have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day the wearer and key-holder have to decide what their chastity goal is.

Ball-Capture Devices

These devices work by trapping the penis in a tube and are held in place by holding the balls between a ring and the penis tube. This style was made popular by the cb-2000 and subsequent models from They can be made of plastic, metal, silicone, or leather. None of these devices are foolproof, but they do have the advantage of long term comfort, easier hygiene  and relative invisibility under clothing. Proper sizing is a necessity when putting one of these devices on. Most have different options with rings and tube size, so measuring is a must.

"Traditional" Metal Belts

Metal belts are the mac daddy of chastity. These devices can be worn indefinitely with fewer comfort concerns. The down side is that they are expensive, difficult to properly adjust to the wearers anatomy, and not conducive to an active lifestyle. Most chastity subs dream of owning one of these devices some day. There are many instances of these devices being worn for months at a time without interruption. Hybrid versions of these devices have merged the metal belt with a plastic device with limited results. Despite the downsides, these devices are the best option for long term chastity.
"Play" Chastity Devices

Possibly the hottest category to look at and try on. These devices come in leather, metal, and rubber. They are rarely functional for long term wear, but great for extended play sessions. Mr. S has an extensive collection of these devices to look at and lust after. Unlike the other two categories, these devices can't always be worn under clothing, make going to the bathroom difficult or impossible, and can be made of materials that don't work for daily wear. These limitations don't diminish how hot these devices can be. Their relative short term comfort make them perfect to play in.

Daily Wear

Chastity Subs develop many systems for keeping their chastity experience as pleasant as possible. Cleanliness and comfort are the biggest issue for wearers of chastity devices. This advice is for wearers of ball-capture devices, as they are what I have the most experience with.
  • LUBE, LUBE, LUBE! lubricant is your friend. It allows your penis to move up and down the tube as it tries to get hard and prevents the ring from hurting the underside of your balls. Apply it regularly  especially at night. I've always used silicone based lube, but I've heard good things about mineral oil. Do not use water based lubes, they won't last long enough.
  • Older cb-3000 models comes with a hinged rings. Thankfully this has been corrected with newer models. If you have a 3000 you've never been able to do more than a day or two in, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a set of cb-2000 rings. They will make the whole experience MUCH BETTER.
  • Air holes make cleaning easier, but over time they become an issue. Sensitive flesh pops out and gets pinched. Save yourself the hassle and put a small piece of medical tape over the holes each morning. You can easily remove it to clean out and it saves the embarrassment of getting pinched while in public and not being able to address it.
  • Q-tips are your friends. Carry some with you all the time. They can help apply more lubricant inside your tube, clean out disgusting dried gunk after your hornyness has resulted in constant pre-cum, and adjust your sensitive bits if things end up where they shouldn't be.
  • Buy a shower shot or something like it. Before I had one of these I used to lie on my back and scooch up to the bath faucet to get water inside my cage to rinse out. Now I can just spray out. It's much higher pressure and feels amazing, though with no release.
Related Fetishes
Chastity pairs with several other fetishes very well. Some mundane, relatively speaking, and some extreme. I may explore some of these fetishes in more depth in the future, but for now I'm give an overview and send you to some great resources.
  • Cuckolding: Do you get jealous? What if you could channel that jealousy into sexual gratification? Cucks or cuckolds get off by watching their partner have sex with someone else, or have their partner tell them about sex with other people. Cuckolding is more popular in strait kinky circles. Sometimes there is a D/s element, sometimes chastity is enforced, but the idea is that they are "less than" the one who is having sexual access to their partner. (Resource: "Cuckolding: The sex fetish for intellectuals")
  • Forced Feminization: Like cuckolding, forced feminization is more popular with strait people. The idea is that a man can be reduced by being "forced" to dress or act like a woman. It's common to see a man in panties, hose and garters while also locked in chastity. It all plays into a symbolic removal of his manhood and an expectation that he focus on his partner's sexual needs before his own. (Resource: "Forced Feminization 101")
  • Castration: Nothing makes a man squirm more than the thought of something happening to his junk. Most would be surprised that castration is a common fetish. Men can be focused on the scene which results in the removal of their testicles or the realities of living life afterwards. The castrated male will see an immediate drop in his sex drive, weight gain, and other physical side effects unless he opts to take replacement hormones. Humiliation and a desire to serve without distraction is often a factor for subs. (Resource: "The Unkindest Cut")